Artist and Sculptor Charles O. Perry

The Charles O. Perry Fund

(FAAR’66, RAAR’71)

This fund is in memory of American sculptor, architect and designer Charles Perry. In 1964 Charlie won the Rome Prize in Architecture at the American Academy in Rome, writing “…I want to gain greater perspective, the perspective of other places, other times, philosophies, cultures and economics…Architecture is not written, it is built; not a picture, an environment. I want to draw from the knowledge of Europe, to do so I must be there, see it, smell it, hear it, live it…”

And so he did in what proved to be a pivotal point in his life and career. At the Academy, he began to pursue seriously his sculpture career which consisted of more than 100 works created over 45 years.

The Charles O. Perry Fund will help provide this opportunity for other artists with similar determination, intelligence and grace.

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